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discipleship resources

Since we can’t currently meet together in person we want to encourage you by providing these online resources for you to use with your small group, family at home, or even a group of friends as an online bible study. 

  • Setup a Zoom account, and meet online at a time that works best for you! One of our groups has already started doing this. Zoom is an online resource for video and audio conferencing.

  • FaceTime with a group of friends to spend time in the Word together. 

  • Email one of the resources below to your family and friends to get started.

  • Family Devotion! Gather your family for home discipleship.

How can you use these resources?
Gospel project at home

Lifeway has made all of the Gospel Project Resources available digitally.​

Click the link below, sign up for an account, and download that week's lesson. 

Unit 24, Session 2 - Jesus Feeds a Multitude

John 6:4-14,26-27,32-35

RightNow Media

RightNow Media is an online resource for bible studies that we know, love, and use quite frequently at Immanuel! Video studies from RightNow Media have been used in several classes during our Wednesday night block schedule. RightNow Media contains great resources for men, women, small groups, and even kids! 

Right Now Media can be accessed on a computer, Apple devices, Android devices, Roku, or Amazon fireTV.

Click here to sign up! 

LifeWAy Bible Studies

LifeWay, a trusted source for Christian resources, is offering several bible studies for free during this time.

Click here to access the free LifeWay Women bible studies.

LifeWay Groups is offering additional bible studies for free using their Smallgroup by Lifeway app.

LifeWay resources can be accessed on Apple devices, Android devices, Roku, or Amazon fireTV by downloading the Smallgroup by LifeWay app.


A new audio Bible app that keeps Scripture in your ears and on your heart.

  • Click here to sign up.

  • Create an account

  • Download the app - Dwell Audio Bible

  • Login and start listening!

Bible Adventure Link

Parents, click here to access an Extended Session unit on David and Goliath. It goes perfectly with the Bible Story bags Mrs. Monica had available earlier in the week!

You will need to create a free account and then you can access all of the amazing lessons. 


Worship at anytime by clicking here to listen to our Spotify play list.

You can also find it by searching for "IBC El Dorado" on Spotify.

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