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Small Groups

We love students, fun, and discipleship! Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:45 am for small groups and follow our student ministry pages on Facebook and Instagram for updates on all of our events!


We have small groups for all ages! The goal of small groups (Sunday School) is to study God's Word, build biblical community in a smaller setting, and reach people with the Gospel.


Our small groups meet across our campus on Sunday mornings at 9:45am.


  • For info about our Children's Small Groups, please contact Monica Nash.

  • For info about our Student Ministry Small Groups, please contact the church office.

  • For info about our Adult Small Groups, check out the list below.

To get connected with a group, please contact us or come by the Welcome Center on Sunday mornings. 

Adult Small Groups

Men 25+

Teacher: Tim Zylks 

Room A184

Young Adults 22+

Young Couples and Young Professionals

Teacher: Brent (Katie) Williamson

Room: C111

Young Adults 18-22

Teacher: Geni Smith

Adults (30s and 40s)

Teachers: Don (Kari) Johnson and Brian (Sarah) Ricker

Room: C115

Adults (50s+)

Teacher: Steve Elkins

Room: Fellowship Hall

Adults (50s+)

Teacher: Dennis Tucker

Room: C113

Ladies 50+

Teacher: Laura Beebe and Sheila Morgan

Room C109

Ladies 25+

Teachers: Gina Moore and Melinda Garrison

Room: C117

Ladies 50+

Teacher: Sandra Vaughan 

Men 50+

Teacher: David Lout

Room C131

Men 50+

Teacher: Greg Smart and Les Cardin

Room C112

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Teacher: Lou Anne Emrich

Room C133

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